Fused Glass Boxes

 I began creating boxes in 1982 and have made thousands that are spread all over the world.  Boxes are sold on the web, at fine art and fine craft shows, and through a number of fine galleries.  I became a juried member of Alabama Designer Craftsmen in the early 80’s, and have done art shows all over the Southeast including ADC (Alabama Designer Craftsmen),  Bluff Park Art Show, Kentuck Festival, Celebrate Clayton, ALHC  (Art League of Highlands Cashiers)  Shows, and many others. I am honored to have my work is several fine Galleries.   

In creating unique glass boxes I use many material that include traditional fusible glass powders, enamels,  fused glass, copper, gemstones, wood, and others.  I use traditional glass construction techniques with a few of my own twist, fusing, metal fabrication and forging, wood working (limited), and copper electroplating.  I also cut and polish gemstone material and other Lapidary work.

The workshop is all about creating unique, handcrafted boxes.  Each box is a one-of-a-kind, signed, piece.  Most of the boxes have beveled glass sides, and a mirrored bottom.  Many of the glass boxes contain gemstones.  Copper is a standard feature of my glass boxes along with hand forged copper handles. You can watch a short YouTube video showing a fused glass top for a box being created in my workshop.  It’s titled Making a Fused Glass Box Top.  

In the years I have been making the glass boxes I have created more than 5000 boxes.

 What an honor it is!  


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