Download Artisans Inventory Distribution Package

Excel is a great, cost effective,  tool for keeping track of our galleries and inventory. These are things we as artist really need to do.  We surely don’t want to spend  anymore time doing this job than is needed.  The big problem with using excel was that it can be difficult to use and very time consuming with all those rows, columns, formulas, and tedious entry and editing of data. Who wants to fool with all that!  Microsoft has provided a programming tool that allows for a programmer to eliminate those issues and make using Excel something anyone can easily use and get really great results at a very low cost. That’s exactly what Artisans Solutions is all about, Helping artist at a low cost.  After all, I am one of those artist!  Created by me, a glass artist, with over 30 years experience in dealing galleries and shows.  I understands that artist need to spend their valuable time creating art and not using a computer. Still, there is that need to exercise reasonable control of our finished work, and and be able to track consignments and sales. I am also a professional programmer, and IT specialist who has created many programs over the years.  I could not find a cost effective  program that was simple to install and use, requiring a minimum amount of time to maintain, and still gave me the functionally I  needed.   So I created Artisans Inventory. I uses this tool and hope that you will  also, take a valuable step toward the good business practice of controlling and managing your sales and inventory. As time goes on, I plan to create more program tools, just for us artist.

Here’s how you get the Artisans Inventory Package

Most of the steps below are done in your the  Windows Folder

Some basic knowledge of Windows is assumed

 Click on the download link below.  This will download the zip package that contains 3 files. You will be asked to select a folder to download it to. Select This PC > Downloads  (left hand side of your screen)

When you complete the Download you can the leave or minimize this website and and make a new folder on your computer. You may wish to copy these instruction first, however you can always return to the website plus I put a Readme file in the download that contains these instructions.   Now make that New Folder:    

     C:/ Artisans Inventory   This is where your Artisans Inventory files and data are kept.

      While you are creating folders create a folder in the new Artisans Inventory folder named Pics You will use it later to store the pictures of your inventory.

Navigate to This PC > Downloads   (where you placed  the downloaded  Artisans Inventory zip package)

Now right click on the downloaded Zip package and select Extract.  When asked to select a folder to place the files in select C:/Artisans Inventory.  Important: Be sure you have selected the correct place to put your files! Then extract all.  Your  new program and associated files like your user manual in PDF form should now be in C:/Artisans Inventory.

Copy the desktop icon     Artisans Inventory    (your shortcut file in Artisans Inventory folder)      to This PC >  Desktop.  (Again left hand side of your screen) You should now have a new icon on your desktop to the Artisans Inventory program. Click on the icon to load your program. In the lower right hand part of the Main Menu click on Defaults. Fill in the data fields and save.  

Now click on the User Manual also found in the lower right hand part of the Main Menu.  You will be able to load your user manual at any time from this option.  Read the getting started page and enjoy using Artisans Inventory. A complete set of instruction are in the users manual plus some suggestions.

Artisans Inventory is a Visual Basic, macro-enabled Excel workbook for PC ONLY!