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This is a 6 x 10 x 2 box that features a  unique piece of Cathedral Agate that was had polished in my studio. The Fused Glass was also made in the studio just for this gemstone and box.  The sides of the one of a kind box are beveled glass and the bottom is mirror.  The box sits on a handcrafted display stand made of solid Mahogany. A had forges copper handle finished off this very unique box.  To see other boxes, and learn more about Boxes By Neal please visit my website  

Made to order, custom boxes by Artist Neal Hearn are also available using Wood, Glass , Gemstones, Copper, and more.

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This handcrafted box by artist Neal Hearn features handmade, fused glass made in my shop uniquely for the one-of–a-kind box.  The sides are clear beveled glass and the bottom is mirror. The copper handle was forged, by hand, using traditional techniques on an anvil. The base is made from Mahogany and was also created in my shop for this box. For lasting beauty the metal parts of the box have been electroplates with copper and coated with a preservative that will key the copper beautiful for many years. The box measures 6” x 10” x 2”.